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Good landscape design creates spaces of resonance and beauty that are a wonder to experience. Using the full palette available to designers; land form, hardscape, structure, plant materials, light, scent etc.; we create spaces individually suited to each situation. Each element, whether new or existing is carefully considered for its contribution o the mood and effect of the whole, leading to a garden that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Within these spaces, we carefully design transitions and relationships to create a sense of flow and movement, with the juxtaposition of different types of spaces creating mystery and excitement. Careful attention to the details creates layers of interest so there is a continual unfolding and revelation as one explores.

Comprehensive in scope, they address such issues as cohesion, temporal experience, sense of place, metaphor and allusion. Technical issues are also addressed. A master plan can be phased in over time. The final product reflects the scale and complexity of the project.

For clients who need to address smaller areas or specific problems, we offer targeted design such as backyards, front yards, side yards, or integrating a new feature such as an artwork or a new planting bed.

Creating good design always starts with the client. By taking the time to get to know everybody through meetings and talks we are able to custom tailor each project.

Intake: Our first step is defining the scope of the work and clarifying our client’s needs, goals and preferences. Then we gather relevant information about the site through a comprehensive site survey. This survey includes as many physical and functional characteristics as practical as well as more subjective elements like the “feel” of the space.

Design:The real design work now begins with the integration of the client's desires with the possibilities latent in the site. This is a process of investigation and discovery, an exploration of ideas, followed by the choosing and refinement of the best ideas. Layering in complexity and additional interweaving and connections adds richness to the design. We offer installation of our design and ongoing maintenance.

We offer installation of our designs and ongoing maintenance.

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