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DAVID McCOY, Principal
Portrait of David McCoyDavid started Geographia Landscape Design twenty-seven years ago to help people create and maintain exceptional landscapes in the greater Boston area. He brings a unique blend of abilities, knowledge and experience to bear on his design, installation, and horticultural maintenance work.

He earned a BFA from the innovative Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston joint degree program and, upon completion of additional studio work, a Diploma from the Museum School. The focus of his studies was sculpture. He then worked for 4 years as a studio assistant to internationally recognized studio furniture makers Thomas Hucker and Jay Stanger/Modern Method Design. Wanting to combine his love of plants and the landscape with his background as a sculptor, he then studied landscape design at Radcliffe College's highly regarded Seminars Program (which became The Landscape Institute and ultimately part of Boston Architectural College), receiving their Graduate Certificate in Landscape Design. David has done projects for underserved communities in the Boston area through Community Outreach Group For Landscape Design (COG), and has taught residential landscape design at Harvard University's Arnold Arboretum.

As both a landscape designer and a sculptor, David finds that these two endeavors to be mutually supportive: creating sculpture sharpens the three dimensional design skills and visual thinking required of landscape design, while working closely with plants and seeing designs realized on a large scale feeds into his studio practice.

Creative vision joined with practical implementation adds up to beautiful, functional landscapes which meet his clients' needs, within their budgets.

Research visit to Mt. Cuba Center trial gardens, Hockessin, DE. David McCoy touring Mt. Cuba gardens