Geographia Landscape Design - Caring for Your Corner of the World

Geographia Landscape Design is a landscape design, build and maintenance firm working with residential and small commercial properties. By approaching design and nature as an organic whole, we strive to weave our designs into the existing natural dynamics of your property.

Our focus is on creating beautiful, functional and inviting spaces. Whether you are starting from scratch or need a make-over, we can provide a complete design and installation tailored to your needs.

Our ongoing maintenance services will keep your gardens looking their best.

And if you are just looking for some ideas or information, try our consultation services.

Whatever your landscape needs, from healing to play, whether you are considering adding a new space to your propoerty for for outdoor living, excitement, contemplation, or relaxation, looking to incorporate native plants and reduce lawn, or would like to refresh an overgrown garden, our years of knowledge, skill and insight will bring your dream to fruition.

Based in Beverly, MA and serving clients on the North Shore and beyond.
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